Reviewing A Proof

Once you sign off, or otherwise give your approval to send a file to print, I am not responsible for spelling, grammar or any other design related errors, so please review your files carefully for the following:


Are there any spelling or grammar errors?
Check the final proof against your last set of proofs to ensure the final corrections were made.
Are there any missing characters, or broken type?
Are the company names, numbers, addresses, correct?
Are the page numbers on the content pages correct to the story pages?
Are all the pages in the correct order?
Is the type on the spine in the correct location?
Is all copy in the correct color?
Are all of the fonts correct?


Are there any upside-down or flopped images?
Does each image have it's proper caption?
Has all background been removed from any silhouettes?
Are the edges of silhouettes smooth?


Check the crop marks, trim guides and registration marks are not in the image area.
Are the colors correct?
Is the document the correct size?

By proceeding with an order, the Client is forming a legally binding contract with Elizabeth Dopkowski of Divergent Designs for products and services, and agrees to be bound by the Terms and Conditions found here.